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Guided through the process from start to finish

“We have no doubt. We wouldn’t dream of changing anything so streamlined,” says Nicolaj Palbøl, IT Operation Manager at Arriva.

Interview with Nicolaj Palbøl, IT Operation Manager

Arriva has been involved in public transportation in Denmark since 1997, and today it is Denmark’s largest bus operator and the second largest train operator.

Since 2006, Arriva has been collaborating effectively with TRUSTZONE concerning the company’s digital certificates. Nicolaj Palbøl, the IT Operation Manager at Arriva, was not working for the company when the agreement was signed.

“There isn’t really that much to say. We face no challenges concerning our certificates. We barely even have to think about them,” says Nicolaj Palbøl.

Arriva is registered on the TRUSTZONE Customer Portal. The portal automatically warns both Arriva and TRUSTZONE when Arriva’s certificates are about to expire. Then, TRUSTZONE contacts the company to obtain permission for the respective renewals and any other matters.

“We do not need to know anything. We are simply guided through the process from start to finish. And if I should have any doubts at all, I just call Mathias (Arriva’s assigned advisor – Ed.), who is always ready to help,” says Nicolaj Palbøl.

The only thing that the employees at Arriva need to do on their own is to confirm TRUSTZONE’s information during the validation process and to install the certificates once they are issued. To help with the latter stage, TRUSTZONE offers more than 200 installation guides for various servers and devices. 

When Arriva implements new initiatives online and needs new certificates, Nicolaj Palbøl usually sends an email or calls his dedicated advisor, Mathias

“I just need to say what I need, and then Mathias enquires about it and handles absolutely everything on the supplier’s side.

Nicolaj Palbøl appreciates the level of service, but TRUSTZONE’s flexibility is also a definite plus.

“Now Deutsche Bahn, which acquired us in 2010, has implemented SAP as our new ERP system. This means that all our suppliers must be registered in SAP, and we have found that some of our suppliers prefer to do things the ‘old-fashioned’ way.” This is not the case with TRUSTZONE. They are capable and willing to do what it takes to match our procedures,” says Nicolaj Palbøl.

Arriva’s IT Operation Manager has no hesitations concerning future collaboration.

“We have no doubt. We wouldn’t dream of changing anything so streamlined,” says Nicolaj Palbøl.



We get the attention we need

TRUSTZONE Customer Portal makes it easy for Atea’s consultants to issue and manage digital certificates on site for customers. Qualified advice is always available if needed.

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Guided through the process from start to finish

Since 2006, Arriva has collaborated with TRUSTZONE. The decisive factors for Arriva are the option to use TRUSTZONE Customer Portal, the prompt and personal support and the flexibility that TRUSTZONE shows regarding the company's needs.

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More agile, less planning

IT security is a top priority for Swedish TF Bank whose services centers around offering financial services via their own IT platform. The entire TF Bank group manages their certificates through TRUSTZONE Managed SSL (MSSL).

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