TRUSTZONE Managed SSL (Powered By GlobalSign)

The best way to manage multiple SSL Certificates
TRUSTZONE Managed SSL gives you advanced on-demand SSL management through a Cloud based solution. Managed SSL instantly issues high assurance SSL Certificates and can improve your SSL workflows, reduce your inventory costs and avoid expired Certificates. Receive dedicated account and technical support from our expert enterprise security team.

Centralized management
Eliminate wasted time waiting for per Certificate vetting. Managed SSL pre-vets all your domains and organization profile - allowing single click ordering as domains are readily listed on your TRUSTZONE Managed SSL homepage.
Register multiple companies or departments under one account by creating "profiles". Ideal for umbrella entities needing to manage Certificates for several subgroups, allowing all SSL activity to be monitored managed and centralized from just one account.

Instant delivery
Login and immediately view Certificate status. The intuitive interface gives single click access to making new Certificate requests, renewing and other common Certificate information and actions such as reissuing, downloading Certificate files, adding extra domains and more.
Reports can be run and exported on activities including application times, issuance times, spend, upcoming renewals, etc. Activity reports even delve into the user level, ideal for maintaining internal security policy and meeting compliance requirements.

TRUSTZONE Enterprise PKI (Powered By GlobalSign)

TRUSTZONE Enterprise PKI (ePKI) is a cloud-based managed PKI service to issue and manage GlobalSign Client Certificates. The ePKI web portal/APIs provide administrators with a cost effective and easy to use solution to simplify PKI deployments and eliminate the need to host your own Certificate Authority. With ePKI, enterprises have the necessary tools to maintain full control of their PKI requirements without the complexities and overhead cost of running an in-house CA.

Key Features:

  • Scale to your needs – support multiple business units/ applications with role based permissions
  • Increase productivity – robust reporting, including customization and generation of LDIF
  • Support for built-in revocation checking – GlobalSign-hosted CRL
  • Simplify large deployments – bulk upload and APIs available
  • Maintain organization branding throughout workflows - white label options available
  • Full certificate lifecycle management - issuance, renewal, free reissuance, and revocation at your finger tips

Cost Effective
Our ePKI standard service offers a simple transparent cost policy with no hidden costs. You only pay for the Digital Certificates issued. We do not charge you for setup fees, hosting fees, re-issuance fees, multiple profiles, or extended key usages.

Simplified PKI Deployment
ePKI eases the complexities of PKI for both the administrators and end-users. Certificates can be requested by the Admin on the end user's behalf or the end user can request a Certificate using a public ordering page. Certificates can be instantly issued because once your account profile is “vetted” you can issue Certificates from any of your vetted profiles instantly.

Scalable Certificate Management
ePKI provides high-availability full Certificate management 24/7 at your fingertips - from enrolling organizations to issuing, renewing, re-issuing, reporting, and revocation. ePKI is delivered via GlobalSign’s proven cloud-based infrastructure that scales as your requirements grow and currently supports many mission critical PKI deployments around the world.

Increase Productivity
ePKI delivers a range of functions allowing administrators to efficiently deploy Certificates including bulk enrollment, delegated admin, LDIF, Localized key recovery, full auditing and more!

Auto-enrollment Enterprise Gateway
Windows Users have an additional option to ePKI and MSSL that fully integrate GlobalSign’s managed PKI into their Windows environment by using GlobalSign’s Auto-enrollment Enterprise Gateway. The Enterprise Gateway further streamlines certificate life-cycle management for windows connected devices by leveraging Active Directory and Auto-enrollment to detect when certificates are required at logon and to automatically and silently install certificates.

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