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TRUSTZONE Customer Portal


Proper IT-security protects your company and also helps you save time and money, allowing your company to focus on your core business. You can begin the process of securing your company today via TRUSTZONE's Customer Portal! The portal gives you an easy overview and makes it possible to order and receive SSL certificates right here, right now.


The portal makes it easy for you to order the certificates you need and include all relevant information for the certificate. If you are familiar with our website’s order form, you will be able to adapt to the portal’s order form without any problems. You will be able to order certificates the same way, you are used to, but now you can use the contacts in your portal account to make the process easier since all information is already stored in your account. Even if you have never used our order form before, you will have no trouble following the steps and ordering your certificates, as the process is very simple and intuitive. If you are in doubt, we have made a guide to help every step of the way. After you have ordered your certificate, it will be visible in your own portal, and you can modify it during the validity if necessary.


Once your certificate is issued, you will have a number of different options. If less than 30 days have passed since you ordered the certificate you can - without any questions asked - cancel the certificate and get a full refund. Furthermore you have the option of adding Subject Alternative Names (SANs), re-issue the certificate, update/resend approval emails and many other helpfull features. Just go to the ‘Manage Certificates’ section and select the certificate in question. The management options for this particular certificate will be visible at the top of the page.


You have the option of adding multiple Contacts and Users to your account, giving relevant personal access to ordering and managing your certificates. In the TRUSTZONE Customer Portal you distinguish between Contacts and Users; your contacts are part of your overall “phonebook”, where you can store contact information on relevant individuals and use this information when ordering certificates. If necessary these contacts can be given access to the portal by making them Users and thereby allowing them to use the portal in your account. When adding Users to your account, you'll give them different permission sets and thereby control how your Users can order certificates. The TRUSTZONE Customer Portal offers three permission sets used as different hierarchy levels:

GOLD: The portal’s administrator, who can manage all certificates in the account without needing permission from other Users. A Gold profile can create Silver and Bronze Users.

SILVER: A Silver User can order certificates just as a Gold User. However, he or she needs to be pre-approved by a Gold User to do so. This User allows the portal’s Gold User to delegate the overall management of the account’s certificates, but still remain responsible for this certificate. A Silver User can create other Silver Users and Bronze Users.

BRONZE:  A Bronze User can order certificates, but needs all orders approved by either a Silver User or a Gold User. When creating a Bronze User, you decide which existing portal user should act as the Bronze User’s approver. The Bronze User can only view and manage the certificates placed by their own profile.


As always, you are more than welcome to contact us, if you need assistance, support or if you have any questions regarding TRUSTZONE Customer Portal.


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