This article provides step-by-step instructions, on how to verify domain ownership, using the DNS TXT Record Verification Method.


Note: This method is applicable to:

  • The issuance of Express SSL certificates
  • Adding SANs to Express SSL certificates
  • Adding domains to your Managed SSL or Certificate Center account


Login to your DNS manager, and choose TXT as record type. Now add the common name of your certificate signing request, in the host section. Set TTL to what you prefer, and add the Domain Verification Code you received via email in the TXT value section.

This is an example of a DNS Manager page. Your user interface may be different, depending on the Domain Manager platform you are using.


When you have created the DNS TXT Record, click on the link to complete the verification process. This unique link was provided to you in a separate email, containing the subject “Ready to verify”

If you have created the DNS TXT Record correctly, you’ll get the on-screen message “Your domain has now been successfully verified and the certificate will be issued shortly”

If your DNS TXT Record cannot be verified and an error appears, please contact our support team at support@trustzone.com or by phone +45 88 33 10 00.