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TRUSTZONE is a leading Scandinavian IT security company, who focuses on identity and trust services. Since the company was founded in 2004, we have been distributing digital certificates to European enterprises focusing on the Scandinavian markets. Today TRUSTZONE is among the biggest European providers of digital certificates, and the TRUSTZONE brand is now a well-known name to most European organisations.

Our staff is professional and highly skilled consultants primarily with great experience from the IT business, which is due to our corporate strategy: Always being able to advise and consult our customers and partners about all aspects of IT security.

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TRUSTZONE's defined goal is to deliver fast and simple IT security solutions to our customers and partners, which can save them time and money! We always strive to be the best at what we do - an advantage which should be beneficial to our customers and ourselves.


GlobalSign has been securing identities, websites and transactions, worldwide, for more than 10 years from global offices in the US, Japan, China and Europe. GlobalSign is a highly credible and well established Certificate Authority (CA) and SSL provider - a leader in public trust services. GlobalSign has been issuing trusted digital certificates since 1996 - delivering its Public Trust from highly ubiquitous trusted public roots. These trusted roots are recognized by all operating systems, all major web browsers, web servers, email clients, internet applications and devices that require SSL certificates.

Today GlobalSign has issued over 1.4 million digital certificates/digital ID's to people, websites and machines - and in total over 20 million digital certificates rely on the security the GlobalSign root, technology and infrastructure provide.

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