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High Volume Digital Signing as a Service

Digital signatures and seals at scale: Integrate and launch trusted digital signing across workflows and applications.

TRUSTZONE overview

Easy-to-deploy and cost-effective

Our cloud-based digital Signing-as-a-Service solution providing companies and organizations with an easy-to-deploy and cost-effective way to add digital signatures to their existing workflows.

The Demand For Digital Signatures Has Never Been Greater

Our Digital Signing Service powered by GlobalSign makes it easy to add digital signatures and seals to existing document workflows and applications.

Digital Signing Service is API- and cloud-based, allowing organizations to benefit from long-lived, trusted digital signing, content integrity, and trusted timestamps without the need to manage any hardware or build complex, custom integrations.

Everything you need to know about Certificate Ownership

Add Trusted Digital Signatures And Seals To Documents

A lot of organizations have created their own electronic document workflows to help transition away from time- and resource-consuming paper processes like onboarding new clients, exchanging contracts, HR tasks, and more.

With Digital Signing Service, companies get an easy-to-deploy and cost-effective way to add digital signatures to these processes, providing higher assurance around signer identity, signature authenticity, and content integrity compared to other types of electronic signatures.

Avoid Invoice Fraud By Certifying Your Documents

Electronic invoicing has gradually become a de facto standard. However, unfortunately, the security level of electronic invoicing remains very poor—paving the way for invoice fraud, which is usually down by changing an account number while in transit.

When you sign your electronic documents using a digital certificate, you protect yourself and your customers against a number of malicious attacks:

If you change as much (or as little) as a comma in a signed document, the recipient will know that the document has been altered. Additionally, he or she will promptly be warned against trusting its content.

Ensure code integrity

How do you protect your employees and customers from code that has been tampered with?

Code Signing ensures that any piece of code you sign has not been altered and is trustworthy for its intended purpose. Any tampering or alteration to the original code results invalidates the digital signature.

This makes Code Signing valuable for both end-users and developers: End-users are assured that they are downloading a trusted piece of software, while developers can brand their code, increase their reputation, and protect their software from unwanted changes.

Document Signing Workflows For Every Industry

We have worked and continue to work closely with organizations across every major industry on securing and automating document workflows, shortening project timelines, saving on infrastructure costs, and ensuring document safety and integrity, and meeting corporate and legal compliance.

Full Integration With Adobe And DocuSign

Our Digital Signing Service is fully and seamlessly integrated with third-party applications and services like Adobe Sign, HelloSign, and DocuSign. This makes for a truly end-to-end signing experience and lowers the barrier of entry in terms of costs, hardware maintenance, and internal expertise significantly.

Digital Signing Service handles all the cryptographic components needed to deploy digital signatures. From signing certificates to time-stamping, key management, OCSP, and CRL, our Digital Signing Service takes care of it behind the scenes.

No development time, investment in new hardware or advanced PKI expertise is needed.

Digital Signing Service Key features


Signatures and seals are both PKI-based

Business continuity

High Availability and Disaster Recovery

Choice of signer identity

Sign with individual or department-level identity

Easy integration

Seamless integration via API or SDK

Fits into your setup

Works with multiple document signing applications

Ensures compliance

Meets digital signature compliance regulations

Easy to use

No PKI expertise needed

Pricing options

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“TRUSTZONE has provided a scalable solution for digitally sealing and time stamping all of our clients’ documents”

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FAQ Digital Signing Service

What is Digital Signing Service and how does it work?

Digital Signing Service is a solution that allows organizations to add trusted digital signatures and seals to documents. It is designed to be easy-to-deploy and cost-effective, and can be used to streamline a variety of processes such as onboarding new clients, exchanging contracts, and HR tasks

How does Digital Signing Service help organizations with document workflows?

Digital Signing Service helps organizations with document workflows by providing an easy-to-deploy and cost-effective way to add digital signatures to documents. This can help to transition away from time- and resource-consuming paper processes, and provide higher assurance around signer identity, signature authenticity, and content integrity.

How can we deploy Digital Signing Service?

The deployment process for Digital Signing Service will depend on your organization’s specific needs. Contact Trustzone to discuss the different deployment options available, they will guide you through the process of setting up the service and answer any questions you may have.

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